Useful Guide

Green areas


Les Solanetes

  • C/ Els Tarongers
  • Services: Sports area, Accessibility area, Children’s playground, Picnic area, Barbecue, Swimming pool.
  • Directions


El Safareig

  • C/ La Solana
  • Services: Picnic area, barbecue, children’s playground.
  • Directions

Parque El Ribàs

  • Parque El Ríbas
  • Services: Skater area, picnic area, children’s playground.
  • Directions

Zona de Acampada


  • Partida de les Palmeres
  • Services: Picnic area, children’s playground, barbecue, sports area, WC, camping area, swimming pool and bio-healthy area.
  • Reservas: 965 58 10 67 (Ajuntament de Benigembla)
  • Directions



  • Avda. dels Carrions
  • Services: Picnic area.
  • Directions


  • Avda. de la Marina
  • Services: Children’s playground, picnic area, accessible, WC and Petanca.
  • Directions




  • C/ del Cirer
  • Services: Picnic areas and Bio-healthy Park.
  • Directions


  • C/ dels Bigot, 12
  • Services: Accessible, children’s playground, picnic area, basketball court, barbecue area and permanent toilet.
  • Directions


Pinada zona deportiva

  • C/ Costera Povil, 6
  • Services: Children’s playground, picnic area and sports area.
  • Directions

Sant Jaume

  • Avda Sant Jaume
  • Services: Children’s playground, accessible and picnic areas.
  • Directions


Merendero de Llíber

  • Travessia el Pla
  • Services: Picnic area, Petanque area.
  • Directions

Zona de la Bassa dels Figerals

  • Camí de la Bassa s/n
  • Services: Picnic area.
  • Directions


El Tossalet

  • Parc Botànic el Tossalet
  • Services: Picnic area, Children’s playground, Climbing area, Bio-healthy park.
  • Directions

Zona de Acampada Bèrnia

  • Serra Bèrnia S/N
  • Services: Picnic area, Children’s playground, Barbecue(out of use).
  • Reservations: Send an email to with the following information:
    • Full name and ID of the persons attending.
    • Vehicle registration number.
    • Photocopy of the ID of the person responsible for the group.
  • Phone: 966 48 01 01 (Ajuntament de Xaló)
  • Directions


Francisquet de Minxo

Pilar Farnós Moragues

  • Services: Picnic area, sports area, bio-healthy park.
  • Directions

Miscellaneous Services

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