Make a route with the 5 senses through Senija

Museum "MOS" Senija

Facades and walls of the town of Senija have made a change in their image after the performances made by the artists who have participated in the editions of the project M.O.S. (Senija Open Museum).

Senija town of Vall de Pop and within the region of Marina Alta offers visitors and tourists a whole series of paintings made on walls where once there was only lime.


The festivities of Senija are celebrated in honor of the Virgen de los Desamparados and Santa Catalina Mártir during the first weekend of May.

During the first weekend of August the parties are celebrated in the departure of the Comet on August 14 and 15: Fiestas de la Asunción


Senija’s cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet “par excellence”. Due to the privileged situation of Senija, between the mountains and the sea, its most succulent traditional dishes use only local products from land and sea. For this reason, the Senijan cuisine is delicious, healthy, varied and well balanced.

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