Make a route with the 5 senses through Murla


The village of Murla is located at the foot of Cavall Verd, the mountain where the last Valencian moriscos gained strength.

Until the 17th century, Murla was known as the capital of the Vall de Pop but has since become a quiet village with narrow, tranquil streets.



Murla’s festival is celebrated in honor of the Divine Aurora and the Most Holy Christ of the Savior during the first week of August.

In January the pilgrimage to the hermitage of San Sebastián is celebrated.

In September the festivities are celebrated in honor of Saint Miquel, patron of the church of Murla.


Murla we can the unique bakery known as ‘el horno de Murla’ where the bread continues to be kneaded by hand, as are the ‘cocas’, which are typical from the Marina region. Whether they are made with pisto, peas or sobrasada, they are still made in the authentic and traditional way.

They really are a luxury to be enjoyed.


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