Parcent is located in the Marina Alta, in the middle of the Vall de Pop, and is situated on a hill that is attached to the river course that links all the villages of the valley, the river Xaló or Gorgos.

The town has a unique profile, with the roofs at medium height and the white bell tower that protrudes; a silhouette that is projected on the
Sierra del Carrascar, true icon of Parcent.


The Parcent festivities are held in honor of San Lorenzo starting on August 10.

In January the pilgrimage is celebrated in honor of San Antonio Abad.

And in April the feast of San Vicente Ferrer.



Surely, one of the most traditional dishes of Parcent is the “arròs amb fesols i penques” (rice with beans and pencas), but the “espencat”, the “borra”, the cocas or the “caragolà” are also very typical, which is a local variant of a stew with snails.

Among the traditional sweets are the “pastissets de moniato” (sweets of sweet potato), which should be accompanied with a mistela or a sweet wine from the town.

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Paseo de la Alameda, s/n 03727 Xaló (Alicante)

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